Chalking up America, one share at a time

Written by Kim Lyons on .

Grant Gordon and Ezra Gold are traveling the country in a 2001 Toyota Echo that also happens to be a mobile chalkboard.


The two are working on a documentary about their experiences with the ChalkCar project, documenting the sharing economy, as part of the Lyft Creatives program. In every city they visit, they couch-surf (crash on couches offered by strangers) and they encourage people to express themselves creatively on the car's surface.
They plan to end their journey in next month in Nevada, at the Burning Man festival. "It's a place people go to create experiences with others," Grant said, which is part of the mission behind the chalkboard-coated car: creative expression.




Unfortunately, when they stopped in Pittsburgh on Monday, it was an overcast day that turned rainy. But between rain showers, they still managed to make a pretty picture.



Check out the ChalkCar project at their website:


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