Map: Which Pittsburgh roads will be paved in 2014?

Written by Ethan Magoc on .

Are you wondering about Pittsburgh's long-term plan to deal with potholes?

We have good news for you. Pittsburgh's Department of Public Works finished its 2014 paving recommendations list last month.

And in case you missed it, last week we ran a story by reporter Moriah Balingit about the city trying to reach 40 miles of road paved this year. 

We also ran a story by reporter Jon Schmitz about PennDOT's plan to pave 138.6 miles of road this year. The article highlights roads outside of city limits.

Bad news is that the document detailing the paving recommendations is hard to read, especially if you are among those residents of Pittsburgh who wants to see exactly what's being paved.

Here, instead, is an interactive map of the road data. Click a blue line to see how much of which street will be paved, with what and at what cost. Click a grey line to see how much of a street outside of city limits will be paved. PennDOT costs were not provided.

What's missing from this map? The when.

A call to the Department of Public Works (DPW) was not helpful. The department says it does not release to the public a schedule for when certain roads will be paved. Tim McNulty, spokesman for the mayor's office, confirmed the difficulty in DPW generating a paving season schedule.

"...there is no long term calendar for when the streets are paved," McNulty wrote in an email. "The scheduling is impacted by weather patterns, staffing, vacation, etc. They do issue short weekly lists, but even those are pretty tentative."

If you're interested in knowing when a specific street on the map will be paved, you can try to call the department at 412-255-8850.

A cleaned-up version of the paving recommendations — sans a few columns — used to make the above map is available for download here.

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