Yinzerpedia: Swimming holes, recycling schedule and Pittsburg

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Pittsburghers are a curious bunch.

Each week on message boards, forums and social media platforms, dozens of questions are asked on everything from where you work to your Burgh confessions to the best box gutter repair.

The insightful answers — those that aren’t complete snark — act as a helpful guide to 21st-century Pittsburgh, and we want to feature some of each week’s more helpful and interesting exchanges. Please do join the ongoing discussion in our comments below.

And yes, we’re affectionately calling this feature “Yinzerpedia,” because it takes the principle of crowdsourcing site Wikipedia, but the "crowd" for our purposes is all of yinz.

Question: Does Carnegie flood easily? (March 12)

A relative suggested the questioner avoid living in Carnegie due to flooding dangers. But as the commenters point out, Carnegie is no more prone to flooding than any other city neighborhood when more than an inch of rain falls in a few hours.

In our archive, we found little evidence of Carnegie’s flood risk being higher than other areas. It was hit hard in September 2004, but then again so was most of the region.

Question: What do you think of Tom Wolf for governor? (March 10)

Tom Wolf Pam Panchak Post Gazette

Gubernatorial candidate Tom Wolf speaks during an endorsement announcement in the courtyard of the County Courthouse. (Pam Panchak/Post-Gazette)

The Democrat is leading early polls among challengers to Tom Corbett, and he’s apparently getting attention of some voters.

Adding considerable funds from his own bank account is likely helping on that front, as Post-Gazette politics editor James O’Toole wrote earlier this year:

He sought to give his campaign an instant jolt of credibility with the news that he would spend $10 million of his own money on the effort. That's real money in a primary in which some better known rivals have discussed primary budgets in the ballpark of $5 million.

Question: Are there swimming holes near Pittsburgh? (March 10)

rock furnace trail flickr eLeSeA

Rock Furnace Trail near Ford City. (Flickr/eLeSeA)

After this grueling winter, the thought of it being warm enough in the Pittsburgh region to enjoy a swimming hole is inspiring. And that is perhaps why the topic came up on Reddit this week. 

A few contributed helpful suggestions, and one person linked to, which appears to be a great resource.

We plotted suggestions from the thread and that site on the map below. Hang onto it for a summer day when the weather is nice.


Question: Is it recycling week in Pittsburgh? (March 8)

If this guide isn't the easiest to decipher, the following is a rather simple alternative:

A similar resource was among those produced at Steel City Codefest last month, though it’s evidently not yet fully developed.

Question: When did Pittsburgh get an “H”? (March 10)

The Pittsburgh Press 1918

The answer is a little gray.

Pittsburgh was spelled Pittsburgh when incorporated in 1794. But as Rich Gigler wrote on the 1991 centennial of the name change, “Pittsburgh got the ‘h’ officially kicked out of it 100 years ago today.”

From 1891, when a federal report ordered all burghs to become burgs, until 1911, we were Pittsburg. The question arose on our Facebook page because the 1918 story about Daylight Saving Time still ran in a paper called The Pittsburg Press.

This might come as a surprise, but newspapers can be stubborn.

Question: Is the Sportsworks section of the Science Center open to adults? (March 11)


(Darrell Sapp/Post-Gazette photo)

Indeed it is.

But as one Redditor correctly notes, not for the 21+ nights:

“Aside from rock climbing there's a ton of stuff there that would be a bad idea to pair with drunk people: running, hockey sticks, baseballs…”

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