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Pittsburgh POPS!

Over 1,300 of Pittsburgh’s young professional crowd (yes, there are that many of us) enjoyed a night of grooving, drinking, and networking at the Heinz History Center’s 16th annual Poptastic! event on Friday night. The lively evening encompassed all five floors of the History Center, with everyone talking about the excitement of the “fifth floor.”


As I meandered through the impeccably dressed crowd, I overheard several people saying “how the fifth floor is where you want to be.” “Everyone will be on the fifth floor.”


Putting my immediate curiosity aside, I chose to build the suspense leading up to the fifth floor by taking in the scene through the rest of the exhibits first ...


 pop2 490 Burton Morris' Poptastic exhibit. Natalie Bencivenga/Post-Gazette photos


The first floor had live music, food, and was your designated meet-and-greet area where plenty of people were texting, mingling, and trying to locate their friends before heading up. The invitation encouraged guests to dress up like their favorite pop icons, it seemed at first that no one was encouraged. But then, I spotted Amber Fitzgerald and Jamie Moore dressed as Charlie Chaplin and Lucille Ball. They looked fantastic and were happy to pose for a picture.



The second and third floors had plenty of interesting exhibits to take in. As Andy Masich, the president and chief executive officer of the History Center said, “You can enjoy the party, the food, and the music, but if you need to take a breath, come chill out and walk around the exhibits.” I took his advice to heart, and when needing to catch my breath (mostly from choosing to take the stairs in stiletto heels) I wandered off to check out the newest exhibit: Poptastic! The Art of Burton Morris, which was, I must say, colorful eye candy.



The fourth floor was packed with people networking, taking some candid shots in the photo booth, rejuvenating with organic juice shots from Steve Bland’s Savasana Juice Bar (to balance out the vodka, of course!), or indulging in tasty treats from restaurants like Donato’s.


Correction/clarification: This post has been updated to reflect an attendance figure of 1,300 for this event.


Yet, the fifth floor kept calling my name. Organic juice shot in hand, I headed up to see what the fuss was all about. Upon entering, I noted Massage Envy had set up a station to assist tired patrons who must have needed the pampering after experiencing the excitement of the fifth floor. I was intrigued. I could hear music coming from my left and so I headed in that direction, stopping briefly to chat with others who were also excited to experience “the fifth floor” as well.


pop6 490Fifth floor dance party!


Who knew this existed in the History Center? The area had been transformed into a New York-style club, complete with a DJ, dance floor, and plenty of couches to lounge. There were food stations set up with sandwiches, so you could nosh while dancing.


Smiles abound, I had found the heart of this incredible party. The Heinz Center brought the fun, and it was indeed Poptastic!


pop4 490George Jones, Rebecca Mix, Juan Pablo Rubiano #bestspecs

 pop5 490Amber Fitzgerald and Jamie Moore channel pop icons Charlie Chaplin and Lucille Ball

pop7 490Eloho Ufomata and Teresa Walker bringing fabulous pops of color!

pop1 490Andrew Masich (left) and the "Uncorked" committee.

(Top image: An aerial view of the party.)

Correction/clarification: This post was updated to reflect an attendance of 1,300 for this event.


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