Readers share stories about their worst Valentine’s Day gifts

Written by Nicole Martin on .

Valentine’s Day can be stressful, filled with big expectations and sometimes unexpected, therefore, bigger disappointments.


We asked our readers about the worst gifts they have ever received on Feb. 14.


Here are their stories:


“My ex-boyfriend got me two things for our first (and only) Valentine's Day together. In one gift bag he put a piece of lingerie and a box of sockets. Yes, sockets. Like the kind you would use for working on a car or something. He said that he bought them because I didn't have any.” – Patti, 32


“Don’t get your girlfriend a kitchen appliance, apparently.” – Mike, 35


“My girlfriend once got me a gift card to her favorite store so that I could pick her something out. Now I’m sure you’re thinking something-sexy right? Her favorite store is Pier 1.” – Andrew, 23


“I thought I was being sweet and bought my girlfriend a pair of diamond earrings that she really wanted. Unfortunately I didn’t think about the fact that they came in a small, blue velvet box that I would be giving to her on the most romantic day of the year. The waiter just shook his head at me.” – Alex, 28


“I made a comment to my husband that my office chair at work got stuck when I tried to move and that I requested a new one from the company, but got no response. So he bought me an office chair for Valentine’s Day.” – Katelyn, 25


“My college girlfriend got me a scented candle and boxers that said, ‘taken’ on them. My roommates wouldn’t let me live it down for months.” –Mike, 24


“My fiancé once gave me a card that wasn’t signed, and still in the drug store plastic bag. ” – Shannon, 31


“My boyfriend and I are huge Pirates fans. He once got me a ticket to a Pirates game. Not tickets, just one. He had to work that day and thought I would be all right just going alone.” –Amanda, 24

What’s the worst Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received?


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