Snow and sleet ruining your shoes? Here's what you can do to save them

Written by Nicole Martin on .

Road salt.

There might not be enough of it to cover the roads, but there sure is enough to ruin your shoes. Keeping warm is a must, of course, but looking good is a plus.

So here are a few tips to keep your winter attire looking top-notch.

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Removing salt stains from leather

The dreaded salt ring around the shoe is like a plague to Pittsburghers. Instead of buying over-priced shoe cleaner, simply make a half water, half vinegar mix, add a squirt of lemon juice, and a splash of either baby oil or conditioner in a spray bottle to restore moisture. Take a wash cloth and rub off the stain in a circular motion. I keep a bottle of this magic cleaner and a cloth in my work bag for on the go. When you get home, rub a lemon on the shoe and wipe it down for protection.

Misshaped or dirty suede

Suede is great, but it can be a bit more stubborn and takes more effort to remove road-salt stains. You will need a cloth, soft tooth brush, dish detergent and cold water. Use a dab of dish detergent and wet the cloth thoroughly. Dab the stained area with the cloth and while wet, use a toothbrush to scrub the area in a circular motion. After you finish, stuff the shoe with newspaper to keep the shape and let it dry naturally.

Cleaning Fleece Jackets

Everyone who has tried to wash a fleece jacket will notice that with each wash the fleece loses its softness and begins to form little clumps of fur on the jacket. You can prevent this from happening by turning the jacket inside out and washing it solo. After the wash finishes, run it through once more on the rinse cycle and then let it dry naturally on a hanger while still inside out.

Removing stains from wool

During the cold winter months, at least once a week I can ensure one coffee or make-up stain on my jacket or scarf. Try to treat the stain immediately. With a clean cloth, blot the stain — never rub it — until you get most of the stain removed. When you get home, spray with stain remover and wash in cold water. Do not wash in warm or hot water because the heat can set the stain.

Caring for Cashmere

Cashmere is gorgeous and can be a great investment for any wardrobe. Always hand-wash cashmere in cold water. You can use Woolite, though I prefer baby shampoo because it’s gentle and makes the material extra smooth. Always keep cashmere in a lump when it is wet, because picking it up and hanging it will stretch it out. Lay flat to dry.

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