Why is Pittsburgh so... great? And Portland so...?

Written by Mila Sanina on .

Why is Pittsburgh so great? Why is Baltimore so... bad? And why is Harrisburg the capital of Pa.? 

A recent piece in The Atlantic explored how Google autocompletes results for 50 states "Why is [insert the state] so..." 
So when you type in Google, "Why is Pennsylvania is so...." Google will greet you with "Why Pennsylvania is so haunted...."
The Atlantic made a tongue-and-cheek claim that Google Autocomplete is one way to explore collective psyche.
So we thought, "OK, let's take a look at the collective psyche apropos cities in Pennsylvania and other cities."
How about Pittsburgh?
Why is Philadelphia so....

Why is Harrisburg so...


Let's take a look at Pittsburgh's rival cities...

Why is Baltimore so...


And lastly, why is Portland so... Weird, right? 




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