David Conrad for king of Pittsburgh

Written by Kim Lyons on .

A piece that actor David Conrad wrote for the Post-Gazette nearly three years ago continues to draw readers to our website.

'David Conrad says it's hardly polite to be outside Pittsburgh' was one of our top-five most-viewed articles in 2013. It's a lovely, enduring valentine to his hometown: 

Know what you're doing, honestly. Know where you work best in a situation, and who you can serve. Know where you're from. Know your "place."

Me? My place is Pittsburgh.


His 2013 follow-up piece, 'More than just being polite' thanking Pittsburghers for the overwhelming response to this piece was equally lovely (seriously, the guy loves Pittsburgh and is a terrific writer):

The letters I've been given speak together like a chorale, a song to a city and its people. A prayer for what it turns out a great many of us have been given by those who came before.

I've been blessed to hear it. You. Humbled.

Last night, he told WQED's Michael Bartley he wasn't worried that living in Pittsburgh may have negatively affected his Hollywood career (h/t Virginia Montanez):



I think it's time we seriously discuss some kind of official appointment for David Conrad. He's already one of Pittsburgh's best ambassadors. Maybe "king" is a little much, but, do we have an official David Conrad Day in Pittsburgh?
If not, let's get on it, OK?


Post-Gazette photo of David Conrad by Andy Starnes

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