OK, Bill Peduto won. What should he do next?

Written by Mila Sanina on .

Congratulations, Pittsburgh, you have a new mayor!

Congratulations, Bill Peduto, it's you!

The Pittsburgh twittersphere has been such a buzzy place since yesterday because of it. Albeit the outcome was not at all surprising, it felt like Pittsburghers' ideas and hopes that have been in hiding during the Ravenstahl administration, got suddenly unleashed.

Bill Peduto's supporters went like this:

Smiley face

And said things like this:

And some were looking at their laptops and went like this:


And some others took it to a whole new level and welcomed him to the mayor's seat at his door, quite literally:


 There were a lot of congratulatory tweets sent to @billpeduto last night, but Pittsburghers were not limiting themselves to pleasantries. Messages like, "Congrats! Now get to work! And I have lots of ideas where you should start!" were aplenty.

Here are some of them:

They were those who reminded him of his promises made:

Some cautionary notes

And then there were suggestions for some specific and immediate change...

Also it looks like the Peduto magic has already started working, as noted by our own Heather Schmelzlen:

As for the future, Bill Peduto, please just make Pittsburgh even more awesome than it is...

...just like that, k? Thx.

awesome trick


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