Linking teenagers with LinkedIn

Written by Kim Lyons on .

Social networking site LinkedIn today introduced University Pages, a way for students, colleges and alumni to connect. In the company announcement, Christina Allen, Director of Product Management at LinkedIn, describes the struggles of her daughter and her daughters' friends as they tried to decide where to attend college, and what career opportunities might result.

The changes, effective Sept. 12,  will allow students as young as 13 (the minimum age in the U.S. is 14) to belong to LinkedIn, with heightened privacy restrictions.

But with much attention on how younger teenagers are apparently not using Facebook, is a social network like LinkedIn, aimed at a professional audience, likely to attract a strong high school following? Or, as Wall Street Journal contributor Peter Kafka suggested, is the presence of teenagers on LinkedIn more likely to drive away more seasoned users?



What do you think of this idea? Will it change how you use LinkedIn (if you use it at all)?

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