Pittsburghers' public transit pet peeves

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Pittsburghers love to hate public transportation, especially if they rely on it. So we asked for your complaints and horror stories, and you delivered. Here are some of the top responses (Updated at 5:23 p.m.):


It's crowded.

My main peeve is the fact they let people on the 28X with 4 suitcases, there needs to be a bag limit, especially for people like me who is an airport employee, I have to stand for 8 hours there, I should not have to on the bus cause ignorant college kids or foreigners hog up 2 seats, 1 for them and a bag and a seat in front for there 2 other bags. 


 Suitcases blocking the wheelchair spot on the 28X on Dec. 16, 2012.
Photo by Don Montgomery)

This bus was so crowded the doors to get out in back was blocked which is a fire hazard and the "wheelchair" seat was up and blocked by bags that was laying in aisle blocking egress. This is uncalled for!! Now if a wheelchair bound person got on at IKEA and wanted to go to airport, they would have to wait for next bus!!! Is that fair????? 

— Don Montgomery


It's expensive.

Anna Shaffer  Living in a major metropolitan city with a mass transit system, you shouldn't have to own a car to get around but in Pittsburgh, that's virtually impossible. Between transfers and zone charges it's extremely expensive. (whether going two stops away or 10 stops away, it's the same price.) PAT is asinine around the board. There's nothing "good" about Pittsburgh Public Transit.


It's unreliable.


Other riders are the worst.

Joshua Michael 1) when people sit on the end seat taking up both seats even when the bus is crowded 2) people who pay with change--like nickels and dimes--which holds up the bus.

Amy Doltis Cooper   Pet peeve for sure is listening to other people's music. Listening to heavy metal or rap at 7am...turn it down!


Things get broken.

bus seats small

(Mila Sanina/Post-Gazette)

Sue Collins The worst was a bus somewhat like the one in the picture-seat "cushions" flattened beyond recognition, springs showing, etc. It was the 28X, to the airport, and it was gross. Then I realized that this, after the airport, would be one of the first impressions that a visitor might get of Pittsburgh-not flattering at all. Public transportation in other cities has those formed plastic seats with permanent cushions embedded in the seats (sorry for the poor descriptions)-so much better than flattened, filthy rags on springs passing as seat cushions.


Drivers are sometimes aggressive, unfriendly, and...well, hungry.

Laura Cavazos Szafranski When we lived in Troy Hill, I rode the 6A to work. One day on the way home, the driver stopped at the corner next to Hughes Funeral Home. Everyone wanted to know what was wrong. Turns out he had ordered a pizza from the place on the corner and he was waiting for his delivery.
Same driver would also bring his small stereo and blast his own music. He was overly aggressive as a driver in that he would speed up quickly and then slam the brakes actually knock people off their feet, me included.



Public transportation causes headaches for others on the road.


And sometimes, buses are just downright nasty.

Karly Shorts Horror story: I once sat in someone else's pee. Once I realized my bottom felt wet, I was hopeful it was just a spilled drink but the smell was a dead giveaway.


Um. Ew. There are many, many more responses from your fellow commuters, and you can read them here. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments.


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