Why do YOU live in Pittsburgh?

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Friends in New York, Philly and elsewhere always question why I love Pittsburgh so much (too many reasons to list!), so I was delighted to come across a Reddit post today in which user BigRyTX asks: Why do you live in Pittsburgh?

I am considering moving in the near future to a city with a colder climate but dont know much about Pittsburgh. So I was wondering what specifically makes you choose to live there? I know the colleges are great and people care about the sports teams, but what else is there?

As is usually the case on Reddit, the answers are...well, varied. Many are here for the "sports town" feel. Others came for romance and chose to stay when they found another love: the city itself. And, yes, some are sticking around for the cheap rent. Here are a few of my favorite responses:

Came here for a boy, stayed for the city. The atmosphere is just wonderful and I love how even in the city you can get to know your neighbors. Good culture, good shopping, good food and good sports teams all help too. I moved here from Denver and often say that Denver is like the stereotypical "bimbo" in movies - pretty on the outside but nothing going on under the skin. Pittsburgh is like the stereotypical "nerdy cute chick" that doesn't know she's cute until you take off her glasses - great substance and really beautiful when you take a good look.

— from user Delanakatrella

My family lives here. I grew up here. The cost of living is pretty low. It feels like a big city without actually being one. I love how all the neighborhoods have their own personality. There's always something to do, regardless of what you're into. The restaurant and beer scene is great. Lots of young people. Good hospitals. Nice people. Mostly. They're not very good drivers, though. It sure isn't for the weather. Fall is gorgeous. Winter is miserable, spring is rainy and cold, and summer is ungodly hot and sticky and everything's always under construction. There's that joke about Pittsburgh, that it has four seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter, and construction. Not that much of a joke.

— from user thebloodofthematador

I'm a sports fan and so I love the passion for sports in this city. It's nice to see the whole city come together when the Steelers play, and it's hard not to feel at least a little excited when they win. 

— from user ChipoMaldito

My wife and I moved here from San Francisco 4 yrs ago in order to have the life we wanted. We own a house in a nice neighborhood and have a 2mo old. I was able to leave my corporate job and start my own company doing what I find interesting. So far so good. My only regret is that its a lot harder to fly kites here than in SF.

— from user birdbrainlabs


OK, so, Pittsburgh isn't the best place to fly a kite. But there are still several smart reasons to live here (at least that's what blogger Stephen Harkleroad says). What are yours?

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