Do dads have an image problem?

Written by Kim Lyons on .

Pittsburgh city councilor Natalia Rudiak today proposed legislation  that would require baby-changing stations in the restrooms of all city-owned buildings (via Moriah Balingit)


The second paragraph caught my eye:

Ms. Rudiak's bill would require the stations in both men and women's restrooms.

The fact that dads change diapers is hardly breaking news, but this marks another step not just in the evolving roles of modern working parents, but in a wider recognition that the roles have changed. Moms don't do all the housework, and when Dads are with their children, they're not "babysitting." They're parenting.

An interesting opinion piece by Peter Mountford  in Sunday's Post-Gazette asked why child-caring dads are treated like heroes, when they're really not that out of the ordinary anymore: 

No matter how many dads you might see at the late-morning singalong, the default thinking remains: Moms are the primary caregivers, whether they work outside of the home or they don't.
Well, it's not the default in my house.

Having changing tables in men's restrooms: What do you think? Are child-caring dads viewed differently than child-caring moms? And what else could be done to make dads who look after children feel less anomalous and more like, well, parents?



Illustration by the Post-Gazette's Dan Marsula



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