The Apocalypse and the Kingdom of God: One church's take on the End Times

Written by Ann Rodgers on .

Human destiny and the kingdom of God will be the topic as a local congregation of the United Church of God, an International Association, holds a special event Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012, in the Deer Creek Presbyterian Church, 33 Bairdford Road, Gibsonia.
The United Church of God, An International Association (that’s it’s official name) is an offshoot of the former Worldwide Church of God, whose founder Herbert W. Armstrong, was known for apocalyptic preaching. Some of Mr. Armstrong’s doctrines -- including rejection of the doctrine of the Trinity and a belief that refugees from ancient Israel settled Britain -- were highly controversial.  After his death that church turned from them toward more classical Christian theology. The United Church of God, An International Association is among the largest of many splinter groups that continue to follow some of the disputed teachings of the original group, including a non-Trinitarian understanding of Jesus' divinity.
This month, while some Americans ponder predictions of a 2012 apocalypse rooted in the ancient Mayan calendar, the United Church of God, an International Association, is presenting its beliefs about human destiny and a return of Jesus to reign as king over the Earth.
“The special Kingdom of God Bible Seminars will include biblical information on how to form a direct, close, practical and loving relationship with both God the Father and Jesus Christ,” says the press release for the seminar. “The Bible reveals that people are saved by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and by committing to preparing for the future Kingdom of God they begin a powerful process of spiritual transformation.”
The group promises that no offering will be taken and no one will ask attendees to join anything.

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