People can be trained, at a price

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .


In a recent article in Atlantic Cities, “3 Enormous Benefits to Charging the Right Price for Parking, Eric Jaffe makes a case for rethinking how cities can get the most out of their transit investments.
 carsHe writes:
“Most U.S. cities do everything they can to abide the theory. They undervalue the price of street spaces. They keep parking so cheap it encourages driving (and thus undermines their own transit investments, leading to more driving). And they require a minimum number of parking spaces for new developments whether residents need them or not.
“Three recent studies highlight big benefits to setting the right price for city parking: less traffic, more transit use, and greater tax revenue.”
The article includes links to the studies.
It makes the point that cheap parking is a motivation for people to drive into a city and that higher fees to park provide the incentive for them to use transit. 


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