Camera, action: Brighton Heights

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .


The Brighton Heights Citizens Federation has put out a call for photographs of the neighborhood, and a handsome neighborhood it is, nestled up against Riverview Park, with lots of big brick houses and front porches. 
Photographers can submit up to three photos. Find out more here. At the first of each month, starting in April, Facebook friends of the federation can vote on those submissions.
The prize for each month’s winner is publication in the Brighton Heights Citizens Report. Of course, the real prize is a photographer’s discovery of form and light in an attitude of place plucked from anonymity and given everlasting life. 
I wouldn’t know this from personal experience, being naturally woeful at the art form and untrained to boot.
In fact, I had to muster all my audacity to ask the great Darrell Sapp if I could take the photo (above) of his camera, then I made the mistake of trying to shoot it while it was prone. You never shoot a camera while it is down. 
I should have known that but I'm hopeless.
The rest of you have at it. With an April 1 deadline, you may have an opportunity to make it up some of the side streets without falling.
For the ringers out there, Brighton Heights’ boundaries are as follows:  from the city line to the Ohio River to Oakdale Ave, Oakdale to Woods Run Avenue, Woods Run to McClure Avenue, McClure to Richardson Avenue, Richardson to Bainton, Bainton to California Avenue, California to McClure, McClure to Eckert, Eckert to Ohio River Boulevard (Route 65), Ohio River Boulevard to the McKees Rocks Bridge, the McKees Rocks Bridge to the Ohio River, Ohio River to the City line.


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