Pantry's friends make giving easier

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .


Friends of the food pantry at the Northside Common Ministries have been busy stumping for contributions in recent weeks, and now the new website is up and ready for business.  
With more than 1,000 people needing to supplement their rations every month, the food pantry, at 1601 Brighton Road, is short on so much, from boxed staples such as dry potato flakes, Rice-a-Roni, Stove-top Stuffing and dried beans to canned fruit -- anything but applesauce.
The new web site allows people to donate money on-line so that volunteers can buy food, and there is an opportunity to volunteer. You can also find out how and when to deliver food directly to the pantry.
Thanksgiving is a particularly needful time. With cuts in food stamp funding, need will cut deeper and deeper into next year as well.
Food pantries see the real need among people who look more and more like the very people who scoff about need not being real, who resort to insults about people who are insecure about their next meal or meals in the days and weeks to come. cans
There are lazy people, people who take advantage and people who play the system but the great majority who seek help are really hungry in a country of souls who still know the kind of bounty that most in the world can’t imagine.
But in a recession that some say may become a stagnant fact of life, giving thanks will take on greater poignancy for many millions of Americans. 
Photos courtesy of the Northside Common Ministries


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