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The timing could not have been better: the city’s curbside collection of yard debris is Saturday.
For several weeks, big paper bags full of old branches, weeds and the vegetable plants I tore out at the end of harvest have been huddling under an alcove behind my house trying to stay dry until I could get them to a city composting center.
That trip was going to have been tomorrow. Thank you, SanMen, for saving me that trip.
Being in the information business has its advantages.
The trucks will be running citywide Saturday morning to get yard waste but it has to be in those big paper bags that come advertised as water tolerant but are only barely so. (You have to get them at big box retailers.)  If it’s a rainy morning and you put them out the night before, the bottoms could fall out on the SanMen, so consider putting them out in the early morning. 
Here are some of the rules you should follow to have a smooth transition on Saturday morning: 
+ Bags should not exceed 35 pounds;
+ Tree branches and bushes must be cut, bundled and tied in lengths not more than five feet and less than four inches in diameter.
+ No dirt, rocks, stones or cement will be collected (but the dirt that happened into your bag with the weeds you pulled will probably sneak through).
+ This has to be residential detritus. No contractors or lawn care services can cadge a free ride on the city.
If you miss the chance, you can take your yard debris to a city drop-off center but you have to be a city resident to do this. There are three of them. The details are at this site.
Questions? Contact Environmental Services at (412) 255-2631 or (412) 255-2773.
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