Polish Hill's twist on treats

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showdahnThe Polish Hill Civic Association has devised a clever response to what's really scary about Halloween in the neighborhood — drivers short-cutting between the Strip and Bigelow Boulevard and going too fast with trick or treaters afoot.
The association’s board, led by Alexis Miller, has gathered a group of volunteers who will wear costumes and hand out candy to drivers who slow down
“With only four roads in and out of Polish Hill, cut through traffic and speeders take a heavy toll on Polish Hill residents,” she wrote in an e-mail.
"During rush hour, from 4.30-7p on Halloween, residents will be promoting ‘treats for safe streets’ to drivers at the intersections of Melwood Avenue at Fleetwood Street and Dobson Street at Hancock Street.’
This ploy could increase the traffic volume among drivers who have a sweet tooth. I wonder if they’re passing out Skittles. I’d slow down for Skittles. Or dark chocolate. Mounds, preferably. 
Residents in costume will hold signs reminding drivers to slow down and offer sweets to those who drive slowly and make complete stops at the intersections.
Frankly, if I saw drivers making a complete stop -- and that goes for anywhere in the city -- I’d faint and blame it on the ghost.thanks
Photos of Catherine McConnell,a resident participant, by Alexis Miller


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