Teens staging "protest" by reading

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Here’s a little item that the old-time newsman would never have deemed newsworthy as he  adjusted his  green eye shades and snuck a swig from the bottle of whiskey in his desk drawer:
A “read-in” is being staged at 11a tomorrow on the steps of East Liberty Presbyterian Church, a peaceful protest using the first definition in Webster’s New World Dictionary, “1. to state positively; affirm solemnly; assert.”
The Neighborhood Learning Alliance has enlisted 30 teen-agers into the summer camps to read to younger children as “the Reading Warriors.” The camps are in Garfield, the Hill District, Larimer, Lincoln and Homewood, and the teens have already read for 250,000 minutes with a goal of a million minutes.
And here I think 60 minutes with a book is a good goal on any given day.
Katy Frey, a spokesperson for the Alliance, sent me this information about the Reading Warriors:
“By providing one-on-one attention and reading in a relaxed environment, the Reading Warriors aim to influence children to see reading as a meaningful and fun habit. So far this summer, Reading Warriors have organized a spelling bee, taken children to the library, created puppets and used them for aloud rading and read hundreds of books that have been purchased and donated for the program.
“At the end of summer camp, the elementary students will select their favorite books to take home and add to their personal libraries. The public is invited to join in by bringing a book and reading alongside them for 15 minutes.”
One of the most important things anyone can do for a child is to read to him with a love for reading that catches his spirit. A “protest” to signify the importance of reading has caught mine. Look for an account tomorrow.
Photo by Katy Frey: Reading Warrior Ashley Gunn reads to elementary students at the Bloomfield Garfield Corporation summer camp.


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