LaHood on our transit future

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .

Just in time for Independence Day, outgoing U.S. transportation secretary Ray LaHood weighs in with Atlantic Cities on the timetables he forsees for Americans to free themselves from dependence on transportation that uses fossil fuels.
According to the report by Sommer Mathis, LaHood predicted that “by 2025, all of us, every family, will have some kind of hybrid or electric vehicle,” LaHood, who left office just a few days ago following the confirmation of his successor, told an audience Sunday at the Aspen Ideas Festival. “That’s just the way the car manufacturers are going since we’ve set [fuel economy] standards at 54.5 mpg. It’s all going to be hybrids or battery powered.
He predicts it will take us 25 years to connect 80 percent of the country to reliable rapid rail transit.
That sounds awfully quick, but his optimism is encouraging.
In a Q&A in the article, Atlantic Cities remarks: “Twenty-five years isn’t that long from now.”
And LaHood says: “No, I know it’s not. And it’s a good plan. It’s the president’s plan. That’s the kind of vision that Eisenhower had about the interstates. And we’ve gone through a lot of presidents and a lot of Congresses and a lot of governors, and we built the interstates. I hope we continue to have people of vision that will carry out this idea that the country will be connected [by rail].”
photo credit: The Aspen Institute

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