Sota's hit goes platinum

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .

On this 43rd Earth Day, it is fitting to report that the Bellevue corporate office of Sota Construction Services has achieved the fifth highest ranking of any LEED platinum construction in the country, ever.
The U.S. Green Building Council bestowed a 62 out of a possible 69 points on the building, at 80 Union Ave.
Ernie Sota, whose portfolio of construction and renovations include Bethlehem Haven, the Blackbird Lofts, East Liberty Place North and the Grand Hall at the Priory, said the building was built “to achieve our sustainability goals, but when we came in fifth in the country for new construction, we were pretty thrilled.”

"We use radiant cooling as well as radiant heating," he wrote in an email. "This offers tremendous savings and is scalable to large commercial buildings. The windows are designed to offer great day lighting.

"Another benchmark is energy – our office building has an EUI or Energy Utilization Index of 18," he wrote. The typical office building's index is 193. 
To see how that compares to other buildings, check out this link


"We have an 11.8 kw solar array on the roof which should produce about 50-60% of our load," he continued. "So we are over half way to net zero.


"The building is extremely quiet since we are using radiant heating and cooling we are not blowing a lot of air around which is noisy and can be unhealthy."

The building’s architects are from Studio D’Arc.
Its characteristics include:
Natural building materials: straw bale walls with interior walls of clay/straw infill
Biophilic greenhouse space that provides a supplemental heat source in the winter months
Natural ventilation systems
Radiant slab heating and cooling systems served by geothermal heat pumps
Roof-mounted photovoltaic system that provides over half the building’s energy
Rainwater harvesting
Native meadow landscaping
Porous pavements
Photo by Ed Massery

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