March Madness for urban design

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .

If you don’t care much about college basketball but you’re an urban design nerd, congratulations. The Atlantic Cities has a form of March Madness just for you: the first annual Urbanist Toolkit Bracket Challenge.
In its latest edition, Henry Grabar has some fun with one of the preoccupying themes of the season with a game of his own, “One that pits your instincts, tastes, and urban design wisdom against those of your fellow readers. Here’s how it works:
“Thirty-two in-form tools of urbanism have been seeded, according to their popularity and utility, into four regional groups: the Ed Koch, the Sidewalk Ballet, the Le Corbusier, and the Dandyhorse. The four #1 seeds -- car share, bike lanes, farmers’ markets, and the waterfront promenade -- are paired off against decidedly more obscure options.
“You’ll need to make tough choices. Bus rapid transit or streetcars? A convention center or a festival? Privately owned public space or highway decks? Think of it as a mid-20th century version of SimCity; or perhaps the Strat-O-Matic of city games.
“Fill out a bracket and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by Monday evening, with “Bracket” in the subject line. (Double-check that the bracket you attach has your entries saved!) If your prediction is the closest match to the actual results (with weighted points for predicting higher levels of the competition, of course), we’ll give you your fifteen minutes of fame when we announce the winner here in a couple weeks.”

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