NEXT! Young leaders to tap Northside potential

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .

A crop of young leaders will be presenting their ideas for building on established community activism on the Nortside tomorrow from 6 to 8 p.m. at the New Hazlett Theater in Allegheny Center.
Under the auspices of the Coro Center for Civic Leadership, 17 young adults will take the training they have had for nine months into collaborations with community groups and even each other over the spring and summer.
The event is expected to draw about 100 participants, from the 17 young adults with project visions to representatives from numerous organizations with whom they might collaborate on existing or new projects. 
It is open to the public.
Coro last summer began training the 17 NEXT Leaders Northside — the second crop since the pilot project inthe Hill and Uptown. They were identified by veteran activists of numerous Northside non-profits and organizations for this role. The training and collaboration program lasts a year.
 NEXT Hill brought young adults from the Hill and Uptown into collaborations with community work there. Many of those relationships continue, and some of the new leaders have been hired by organizations to continue their work.
The event tomorrow is a launch of the project to bring the new visionaries into the sphere of Northside stakeholders, including business owners, organizations, invested residents, and established leaders.  The proposed ideas range in service scope from youth to community building to development of businesses and human services.
“Aging neighborhood leaders across Pittsburgh often ask us ‘Who will be the next generation of neighborhood leaders?’ said Greg Crowley, president and CEO of Coro Pittsburgh. “Where are the young people who will take over as we transition to less active roles in community service?’
“I think the Northside project opening will give confidence that indeed there are young people interested in becoming active in their communities and very much open to learning new ways of solving problems together.”
For more information contact Greg Crowley at 412-258-2689 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or visit the web site at
Photo: Courtesy of Coro, shows a training session of NEXT Northside Leaders

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