Salesman needed for blight fight

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .

I have blight on my mind now that the snow has melted. On walks and drives around the city lately, I see a shocking number of hillsides strewn with garbage, back porches leaning, gutters hanging, houses peeling paint, houses falling apart, such as this former gem (above) in the 2300 block of Perrysville Ave.
Blighted properties are this city’s greatest challenge because they are so pervasively spread over neighborhoods.
On a recent crawl through Perry South, where I lived through most of the ‘90s, I was struck by how much worse it has gotten. There are homes that were starting to fall apart in the ‘70s that are now boarded up, condemned or waiting to be boarded up and condemned.
The city has lost so many buildings to the momentum of this death spiral. That’s what losing half your population will do.
Now that the market is kicking back in, in some places quite vigorously, we need a visionary force to figure out a strategy to sell people in unaffordable markets on the possibilities in Perry South, Beltzhoover, Lemington, Sheraden, Larimer, Spring Garden, Arlington, Elliott... I could go on but you get the idea.
We have tons of houses that people could get for a song and begin infusing our neglected neighborhoods with the vigor they once had.
The house above is on Chester Avenue, also in Perry South.
You could spend all day shooting pictures like this.

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