10th ward to be heard from

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The Lawrenceville that’s gotten so much attention in recent years isn’t all there is to Lawrenceville. There’s Lower and Central Lawrenceville and then there’s the 10th ward, a.k.a. Upper Lawrenceville.

Upper Lawrenceville’s borders are from 51st Street/Stanton Avenue to 62nd Street and from the Allegheny River up to a convoluted zig-zag of streets that include Celadine, Wickliff, Christopher and 57th. Better to consult the map above, which I found on the City of Pittsburgh website.

While retail has nearly saturated the lower portions and rents continue to escalate, Upper Lawrenceville — which old-times and even some fresher arrivals prefer to call the10th ward — remains for the most part its old self. It even has existing industrial production, most notably at the Barber Spring Co., which for more than100 years has manufactured steel springs for railroad companies.

When so many neighborhoods are casting about to create vibrant post-industrial places, a recently completed visioning process among 10th ward stakeholders has concluded that industry is part of the identity they want to celebrate.

They are hatching creative plans to ensure that their piece of Lawrenceville also becomes vibrant and cool, but they’re determined to be different, because they are.

Among the ideas for a better 10th ward are a remaking of McCandless Street as a stormwater catchment network, a riverfront kayak put-in, recruitment of compatible businesses, including small production entrepreneurs, and a captivating, 21st century marketing of tiny alley houses on tiny alleys.

Are you from, or do you currently live in the 10th ward? Let Walkabout know what you like and don't like aout it, how you would like to see it progress into the future.

Barring the intrusion of unforseen forces, my page 2 Walkabout column on Tuesday will delve into these ideas in more detail.

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