Cars vs. bikes: is it really a war?

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .

An article by Sarah Goodyear in The Atlantic Cities asks, in its headline, “Can We Finally Declare Peace in the ‘War on Cars’?”

It cites a scientic poll by the research firm FM3 in Seattle for the Cascade Bicycle Club to gauge the public’s attitudes about bicycling and bicycle lanes in the city. The results showed more favorable responses than might be expected, given the invective against these amenities that is stirred up from time to time.

You can read it all here. And a related article, about New Yorkers' use of bike lanes, is here.

The article indicates that public perceptions about the advantages of bike lanes has improved quickly in several cities.

The article reports that “73 percent of the 400 Seattle voters surveyed supported the idea of building protected bike lanes; 59 percent go further and support ‘replacing roads and some on-street parking to make protected bicycle lanes;’ 79 percent have favorable feelings about cyclists, and only 31 percent agree with the idea that Seattle is ‘waging a war on cars.’

Seattle is one of this country’s more green and progressive places. It would be interesting to see how Pittsburghers would respond to the same poll.

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