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As causes go, this one’s a no-brainer.cansforpets

If you feed your pet from aluminum cans, you can donate the empties to the Animal Rescue League for its benefit. Collaborating with the Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC), the Alcoa Foundation is contributing five cents per can recycled through this program to the ARL for its care of animals.

Cans for Pets is a simple concept, but it’s definitely a win-win for everyone involved,” according to Dave Mazza, regional director of the PRC. “Pets get to enjoy their favorite meals, pet lovers get a chance to keep empty aluminum pet food cans out of local landfills, and the Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center receives 5 cents for every aluminum pet food can collected as part of this project.”

Mary Beth Mueller of PRC said the organization has recycled 6,500 aluminum pet food cans during the first 10 weeks of the campaign.

An industry survey reports that aluminum pet food cans are recycled at lower rates than aluminum beverage cans — 20 percent compared to 65 percent.

“There’s no limit to how many times an aluminum pet food can be recycled, which means that an aluminum pet food can that someone recycles today can be made into a new pet food can and be back on store shelves in as little as 60 days,” Dave said.

nickelCans for Pets goal is to recycle 20,000 aluminum pet food cans by 2014.

The dog at left is Nickel, (photo courtesy of the Animal Rescue League). He is the mascot of the Cans for Pets drive and available to a loving owner at the shelter. Call 412-345-7300.

To learn more about Cans for Pets, visit or call the Pennsylvania Resources Council at 412-488-7490 x246.

Cleaned, empty pet food cans can be dropped off at these locations:

Animal Rescue League, 6620 Hamilton Ave. from 8:30a to 5p Saturday, Sunday and Monday; 8.30a to 7.30p Tuesday through Friday. (412) 345-7300

The Animal Rescue League Wildlife Center, 6000 Verona Road daily from 8a to 4p. (412) 345-7300 x500

The Dog Stop, 2858 Banksville Rd., 6:30a to 7p Monday through Friday and 10a to 4p Saturday and Sunday. (412) 364-7867

The Pennsylvania Resources Council, 64 S. 14th St. from 9a to 5p Monday through Friday. (412) 488-7490 ext. 246


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