Taking a different oath

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .

oathIn the several years that I have attended Zoning Board of Adjustment Hearings to cover neighborhood issues, I have been curious about the oath that board chair Wrenna Watson administers to people who are going to testify.

I was expecting, “Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,” but I was surprised the first time to hear the consequential, “or answer to God on that last great day?”

The language seems a bit ponderous and doesn't seem less so now that I have heard it dozens of times.

What’s so great about the last day?

I finally asked Wrenna at the last zoning hearing I attended, and she said that if anyone objects to the insertion of God in the oath, she would affirm their oath to simply tell the truth.

She said this wording is what she learned when she began her career and that it is not uncommon.


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