What foods these morsels be: part 2

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .


Anonymous, our Dumpster Diving correspondent, sent another dispatch from the back lines, where he regularly patrols for food as a member of the ranks of the marginally employed.

Walkabout is grateful he’s the one slipping around in icky bins and willing to share his inventory list.

Here’s the latest in what we hope is a continuing report on food that would go wasted if not for our resourceful (and unofficial) food club known as the Gleaners:

“Here’s another Strip haul from yesterday,” our correspondent writes. “Half of each mango, the avocado and orange were good, other halves: compost.

“Limes, clementine, bread were all good. Many more limes and peppers left behind, and of course huge bags full of bread.”

Of course.

We asked our correspondent if there is Dumpster etiquette. Here's his response:

"Hmm, there are some rules. But there aren't any dumpsters in town that have enough regular divers where this would apply, so no, take as much as you can, lest it go to waste. You just share freely with whoever's also there at the moment, which happens pretty often in other parts of town. Right now I'm biking without a trailer, so I'm only taking what fits easily into my crate and bags."

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