The dangerous life of a pedestrian

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .

A good friend was hit by a car several days after Thanksgiving. He was crossing Brighton Road at Western Avenue in Allegheny West at the morning’s first light.hospitalroom

He suffered a concussion, face lacerations and a broken collarbone.

Today, I visited him at West Penn Hospital where he has been going through physical therapy. The good news is he may come home by the weekend, but the greater news is that he wasn’t killed.

This sentiment is as trite as it is profound: that one moment you’re crossing the street on an errand to get coffee and the next moment you could be dead, hit by a ton of metal.

It’s alarming that so many drivers feel entitled to maintain a pace in isolation, that so many have lapses, are impatient, distracted, angry or incompetent enough to do so much damage to another human being — almost never on purpose, but what does that matter?

The result is still damage, time lost, cost and pain.

If we all drove fully aware of the potential hurt we could cause, crossing the street wouldn’t be such a dangerous proposition.

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