The Donkey has landed!

Written by Diana Nelson Jones on .


Northsiders are chomping at the bit to get chilaquiles, tacos and burritos somewhere besides Taco Bell. No offense, Taco Bell, but...

El Burro (espanol for "the donkey") was hours from opening when I popped in yesterday at 1108 Federal St. around noon-thirty. Numerous people had already stopped in, anticipating a 10 a.m. opening day. Amigos, you can get your breakfast burritos today. I plan to.

Federal Street lost Toula’s Hot Dog Shop when developer Bill Barron saved the building and found Wes DeRenouard and Derek Burnell, owner of Round Corner Cantina in Lawrenceville to be tenant partners in El Burro. Some people loved Toula’s hot dogs, but the storefront and its nature was part of Federal Street’s seedy holdover sensibility that discouraged investment for decades.

El Burro is part of the new wave that promises to bring life back to the Garden Theater and Masonic Hall with a few other new restaurants, including a second local Nakama, and new housing.

El Burro’s prices are reasonable, which is good for the majority of Northsiders: hard or soft tacos for $2.50, burritos in the $7 range and rolled tacos for less than $6. Toula’s fans might dig on the Tijuana street dog for $3.95.

There are vegetarian options and chorizo made on the premises (oh joy).

I never thought I’d see the day when I could walk a few blocks on the Northside and get a shrimp burrito much less a chilaquile or Mexican coke. Uh. Better make that Mexican cola. More accurate.


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