You've got an eBay deal in Pennsylvania


Even the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is in the holiday shopping spirit.State Treasurer Rob McCord, serving in his unofficial role as salesman, put out a release this week touting the fabulous finds in the state’s unclaimed property eBay store.1120treasurylogo
“Treasury’s unclaimed property eBay auction offers collectibles and gifts that often aren’t found in traditional stores,” said Mr. McCord, in his prepared statement “So rather than fight crowds on ‘Black Friday,’ check out the deals we offer through our eBay store from the comfort and convenience of your own computer. We’ve loaded up our store page with new items just in time for ‘Cyber Monday.’”
On the list: “Cannon PowerShot digital cameras, a vintage Mattel Barbie, 14-karat gold diamond rings and pendants, a digital photo frame, a vintage hook and ladder toy, Nintendo and Sony electronic games and accessories (new in the box), and an assortment of power tools.”
To see the goods, go to and drop down the “Unclaimed Property” tab to get to the eBay store.

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