Day 3: Ugh, sooo muddy!

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For one great story about Day 3 check out Sarah Carr's blog post, "Mud, muddier, mudpies..."

"Today it rained.

A "formal" breakfast at The Bavarian Inn was a pleasant surprise after waking up to see that rain had arrived over the Potomac, and the upscale restaurant was quite the sight with everyone in their biking gear. Our vouchers were golden tickets for anything on the menu, and so we all ate like kings. Eggs, sausage, bacon, biscuits, creamed beef...all turned in to instant fuel.

... I was determined to tackle our longest ride yet. 

I headed back to the trail on my own, to get a bit of a head start on the 52-mile day. I wasn't exactly sure how to dress for a day in the rain and I decided to go minimal -- no rain gear. The trail was already soggy and riddled with puddles and it was harder to keep pace without a riding buddy. That didn't last long. Soon Dave caught up with me, and later Chris joined us on his sweep and stayed with us as the last in the group." 

To read the rest of Sarah's story about Day 3 and see more pictures, visit her blog for turles, pie-eating contest and moooore mud...

Sarah and Dave in Hancock!

Photo: Sarah and Dave in Hancock! Kudos to the team!!

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