Zoya launches Earth Day nail polish exchange initiative

Written by Sara Bauknecht on .

Zoya EarthDay

Want to do something good for the environment, your health and your nail polish collection? Zoya wants to help!

The nail polish maker is kicking off today for one week its nail polish exchange program in honor of Earth Day next week.  Through April 26, Zoya is inviting people to rid their medicine cabinets of nail polishes that aren't "Big 5 Free" (i.e., polishes that contain potentially harmful ingredients formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl, toluene and camphor).  In exchange, Zoya will safely dispose of the old polishes, and people can pick out an equivalent number of Zoya nail polishes to order at a fraction of their original prices. Zoya's polishes are vegan friendly and "Big 5 Free."

Visit for more details and regulations on how to participate. 

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