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NEW YORK -- While Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week carries on at Lincoln Center, downtown in the Meatpacking District another group of designers and their devotees gather for MADE Fashion Week at Milk Studios.

For several seasons now, Milk Studios has managed to make a name for itself as one of the hot spots for designer presentations during New York Fashion Week. Its wide-open gallery spaces, multiple floors and roomy elevators (including a freight one) make it well suited for accommodating lots of people -- and lots of fashion.

The atmosphere is a bit different than what one encounters beneath the mammoth tents at Lincoln Center. Milk tends to attract a slightly younger, hipper crowd (not that the guests at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week all skew old and conservative).  Perhaps its Milk's close proximity to its artsy neighbor Chelsea or the eclectic mix of designers it features that makes its demographic reflect those you'd more likely spot at a gallery crawl or poetry jam than at a black-tie gala.

Sunday night, Milk Studios was the go-to scene for presentations by up-and-coming menswear designers. Guests snaked through the lobby in roped-off lines like lab mice befor packing into a freight elevator and being ushered upstairs for the showings. The upper level was at times shoulder-to-shoulder with people (many with a drink in one hand and a smartphone or camera in the other), all trying to maneuver their way down the long, loud hall and into another room to see the next presentation. 

Here's a look at some of the featured designers' offerings for fall/winter 2013 (photos by Sara Bauknecht/Post-Gazette) ...


CarlosCampos1 400

CarlosCampos2 400

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PublicSchool1 400

PublicSchool2 400

PublicSchool3 400



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