Kindergarten Redshirting... that is the question

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Blogger: From Practice to Parenting, Upper St. Clair

This is one hot topic. Two years ago I was at a cocktail party and making friendly conversation with a group of women. When I reveal that I am child psychologist to other mothers I often get one of two reactions — heightened interest followed up by stories about their kids and requests for advice, or withdrawal out of fear of judgement.

This particular evening’s crowd, however, fell into the interested camp. The topic quickly changed to kindergarten entrance, which was charged with palatable anxiety over whether their child should start this coming year or wait a year.


Elizabeth is a child clinical psychologist and mother to 3-year-old Leo and 6-month-old Emilia. She writes about her experiences as a parent through the eyes of a psychologist, weaving her personal stories with bits of psychological theory and research. She hopes this approach will help other parents learn something new, while being comforted that even the "experts" get stumped! She also wrote for PlayGround about trying to reduce TV time.

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