A Toy Story

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Blogger: The Rocking Pony, Somerset

When we got home at the end of the long day, Micah asked for Woody. For crying out loud, he'd just brought him in from the van. He lost Woody that fast? We searched the house high and low, searched the van, and realized that Woody was missing. Apparently he never came home from town with us.

Because I'm a sharer, I posted on Facebook that we were retracing our steps from a day in town, trying to find a lost Woody. All my wonderful friends know that Woody means the world to Micah. It's his favorite toy slash comfort item slash best friend.

Read more about how a newspaper ad helped find Woody...

Karen is a mother of four, parenting teens, tweens, and Micah, who was blessed with Down syndrome. Her life is crazy busy, and she wouldn't change a bit of it even if she could. Her blog post about going back to work was previously featured on PlayGround.


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