Operation Reduce TV Time

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Leo watches more TV than I care to admit. He watches between 40-60 minutes in the morning when I get dressed and feed Emilia, and about four days a week he ends up watching another 1.5 hours in the late afternoon when we are all tired out. He doesn’t nap, so this feels like the only way for both of us to get some much needed downtime.

I’ve noticed that on days when I try to skip the afternoon shows, we usually end up with a meltdown on our hands around 4 or 5 pm. I do think a little TV is better than a big fight, and clearly he is getting some rest from it if watching it in the afternoon helps him to keep it together until bedtime. But, still. I am relying on TV more than I would like. Enter: Operation Reduce TV Time.


Elizabeth is a child clinical psychologist and mother to 3-year-old Leo and 6-month-old Emilia. She writes about her experiences as a parent through the eyes of a psychologist, weaving her personal stories with bits of psychological theory and research. She hopes this approach will help other parents learn something new, while being comforted that even the "experts" get stumped! This is her first post on PlayGround.

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