My Best Friend is a Two Year Old

Written by Tara Darazio on .


Blogger: A Passion for the Pen, Greensburg

I’ve come to the realization that my two-year old son is technically my best friend. No offense to my “big girl” best friends, I still love all of you, but for blog purposes, let’s just explore my title a bit further.

As a work at home mom, I spend more time with my son than any I do any other person on this Earth. That said, we are together through the ups and downs of every single day. That’s something I haven’t even experienced with my very best friends. We always had time when we were separated in the physical sense, it was never 100% interaction all the time.


Tara Darazio is a freelance writer, social media strategist, wife, and mom to a vibrant little boy. She has a BA in Advertising and Public Relations and a BA in Mass Communication from Point Park University. Her post on motherhood and tattoos was previously featured on PlayGround.

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