You Can't Shame a Woman into Breastfeeding

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Nothing has ever made me feel more inadequate as a mother or as a woman than my nursing challenges.

After 11 weeks of shame and tears I called the health department as my final Hail Mary pass. They sent to my home, free of charge, a lactation consultant who just so happened to be a La Leche League leader.

She wasn’t afraid to look into my bloodshot eyes. She saw my desperation and how much being able to nurse my baby meant to me. The first thing out of her mouth, I will never forget, was:

You are a wonderful Mama and you’ve done a beautiful job with him.

I went on to nurse my firstborn for 25 months.

I successfully breastfed a toddler and yet I was terrified to nurse my second baby.


Tamara Reese is a qualitative epidemiologist turned stay-at-home Mama turned consultant for Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and contributing editor at She is the mother of two boys and her passions include child injury prevention, gentle parenting and breastfeeding advocacy. Her posts on baby name battles and the killing at the zoo have also been featured on PlayGround.

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