A Mom Living with Epilepsy

Written by Melinda Wedde on .



Blogger: Laughing Through Motherhood, South Hills

It's been over 10 years since my first seizure, and I'm just now starting to get comfortable talking about it. Saying the words "seizure" and "epilepsy" in relation to myself still sound weird. That first day back to school after being taken out of my home in an ambulance at age 17 were weird for everyone.

I should have explained it then, but I felt like no one wanted to know, and I was a little embarassed. Since Purple Day for Epilepsy Awareness was this week, I'm going to break it down for you here.

When my husband travels, we have a deal that we start every day with a text message that I am awake and safe by 7:30. On the rare day that I sleep in, things like this (picture above) happen, and I accidentally scare him. Read more...

Melinda Wedde, of Laughing Through Motherhood, has previously been featured on PlayGround for her son's Angry Birds birthday party and her tendency toward overscheduling.

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