The Scheduling Sweet Spot

Written by Anya Sostek on .


Two Pittsburgh bloggers thoughtfully wrestle with the question of whether their kids are overscheduled or underscheduled: 

Blogger: Laughing Through Motherhood, South Hills

"There is something comforting to me about being on the go. I have both kids signed up for a crapload of activities. Part of it is me, wanting to be able to take advantage of every opportunity available, the other part is... Well, I guess I don't know." Read more...

Blogger: Pittsburgh Mom

"I've been thinking a lot lately about what the right amount of scheduling is for kids. It seems like nearly every child that is in the same grade as my kids seems to be involved in so many more activities than we are.  If I lived in a vacuum I'd think that we were just right.  My kids don't ask to do more, and often complain if they are involved in sports that require a lot of time. But then I look around and see how much more other kids are doing and I feel like maybe I'm doing the wrong thing." Read more...

Melinda Wedde, of Laughing Through Motherhood, has previously been featured on PlayGround for her son's Angry Birds birthday party. Heather Starr Fielder is the mom to two young boys, Matthew and Benjamin, a college professor and General Manager of PittsburghMom.

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