The Best Gift My Kids Gave Me

Written by Karen on .


Blogger: The Rocking Pony, Somerset

I have come to hate the fact that Christmas has become nothing more than checking things off your list of What To Purchase. I shop all year, generally starting at the fabulous day-after-Christmas sales. When I see something on sale that fits someone's personality, I get it. I enjoy this. The stress kicks in when I find myself a gift or five short, and it's two weeks before Christmas. Suddenly I'm all WHAT THE HECK DO I GET? A PACK OF SOCKS IS GOOD, RIGHT?! Stress.

I don't like being put on the spot about gifts, whether it's what I want or what to get others. Because I prefer to give rather than get, I have no list for myself. Ever. In fact, the only thing on my list for the past decade has been "good kids."


Karen is a mother of four, parenting teens, tweens, and Micah, who was blessed with Down syndrome. Her life is crazy busy, and she wouldn't change a bit of it even if she could. Her blog posts about going back to work and finding out about Micah's Down syndrome were previously featured on PlayGround.

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