The Book Weakness

Written by Jenna Hatfield on .


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This time of year brings in the Big Toy Hull; between their week-apart birthdays, their birthday party and, of course, Christmas, my boys really want for nothing when the holiday season wraps up. They don’t really ask for many toys throughout the year either, so I rarely have to have the “Let’s Wait for Birthdays/etc” conversation.

I have a weakness though. And my children know it.


Oh, books.

I mean, I’m a book worm myself. I love books. I’ve gotten good at re-selling, donating or simply passing books on to friends over the years so as not to overwhelm the whole house. I have a real problem, however, in not buying All The Books for the boys.


Jenna Hatfield is an editor, writer and photographer. A Pittsburgh native transplanted in Eastern Ohio, she lives with her husband and two sons.

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