Somewhat Extreme Couponing

Written by Alayna Richard on .


Blogger: Alayna's Adventures, Bethel Park

So I have this friend who gets a ton of ridiculous stuff for free with coupons all the time at places such as CVS and Rite Aid. I was inspired and totally impressed with her couponing, and I LOVE a good deal, so I decided that I wanted to try it. I rounded up my coupons and some tips and pointers from my friend Heather, and gave it a go. After trying a few stores, I thought I'd share my thoughts and experiences for the average person considering couponing.

Read more about her haul from CVS (pictured above), and more...

Alayna Richard is a mom of two from Bethel Park. She's a little geeky, a little crunchy, a little crafty, but mainly she likes to think she's fun... or at least hopes that her kids think so. Her blog post about her 4th of July at the Carnegie Science Center was previously featured on PlayGround.

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