Make-Shift Mommy (plus Stuffed Squash)

Written by Jacqueline Dudt-Mulzet on .


Blogger: The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood, Ross

So we’re having one of those mornings. It’s sounding kinda like this:

Me: "Here, Lilly, you get to have a waffle for breakfast!"

Lilly: "With syrup?"

Me: "No - even better! You get to have a waffle with no syrup today! How cool is that? You are so lucky!"

Lilly: (looking skeptical) "I need a plate and a fork, Mom."

Read more about a make-shift morning, plus a stuffed squash recipe...

Jacqueline Dudt-Mulzet is a preschool and kindergarten Art Teacher at Euro Academy in Wexford, wife, and mother of two little girls. She has a Studio/Art Education degree from Carlow University.

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