Ni Hao... Ow

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My brain, it hurts.

We started Chinese school on Sunday. And by "we" I mean all four of us. It's something we want to do for Bea (our daughter adopted from China), John and I both want to learn more Mandarin, and, well, Liv can't stay home by herself for three or four hours every Sunday afternoon.

Most useful thing I learned today: How to tell Bea to be quiet. Really. When the teacher asked what kind of sentences we wanted to learn, everyone sat there and just stared at her. Before I realized what had happened, I'd blurted out, "How do I tell my kid to be quiet?" That phrase -- ānjìng --  is gonna get a lot of use around here.


Jennifer is mom to two awesome girls, ages 4 and 11. She spends her days pretending to be normal for the sake of her coworkers and students, but vastly prefers finding -- and laughing at -- the absurd in just about any situation. Her blog post live-blogging what passes for Bea's naptime was previously featured on PlayGround.

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