Talking Turkey

Written by Alan Olifson on .


Blogger: The Man Child, Fox Chapel

The other day, I was making my son a turkey sandwich. Pre-packaged turkey from Hillshire Farms. I’ve been eating this stuff so long I honestly don’t even associate it with an animal. And when he had seen a wild turkey in our neighborhood earlier in the day, he said, “Hey, that turkey is making turkey.”  So I thought we were kind of on the same page: complete denial.

But then as I was making him his sandwich his gears started turning. “Turkey…sounds like…turkey. Hey! Is this the same turkey as the animal?”


“Where’s its face?”


Alan Olifson is developing a one-man show based on his blog. He is currently the host of the monthly Moth StorySLAM at the Rex Theater and is in the process of bringing the storytelling show he produced in Los Angeles, WordPlay, to Pittsburgh.

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