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I have to admit that I'm terrible about updating baby books. I did manage to compile books for the boys but so far Caroline's "baby book" is a pink paper bag full of pictures, notes, hospital wrist bands and appointment cards. My hope is that I will pull it all together eventually, but until that day comes it will continue to collect dust in her nursery. Sorry, sweet Caroline.

Someone who was wonderful about keeping a baby book, however, was my mother. It's a yellow, spiral notebook completely full of monthly anecdotes and milestones from birth to age two.  It's nothing fancy, and in fact not too pretty either.  (The book survived a flood!)  But it's priceless to me.

Thinking about my love for blogging and my total lack of skill in keeping a respectable baby book for my own daughter, makes me wonder -- are family blogs, in a way, the new baby book?


Erica Acklin is a Capitol Hill staffer, turned elementary school teacher, turned stay-at-home mom to three kids in Squirrel Hill. Erica holds a M.S.Ed. from Duquesne University and a B.A. in Political Science from Iowa State University.

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